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The Daily Activity Tracker™ is the most effective & simple to use, sales tracking system.The Daily Activity Tracker™ is a sales tool that will assist you in becoming more effective and efficient in your sales and marketing business. It breaks down the daily tasks which creates the sales into easy to use, individual activities so you can maximize your results.

Sales Reps Love The Daily Activity Tracker™:
You will Increase Your Personal Sales and Make More Money – When you use the Daily Activity Tracker™ on a daily basis, your results will increase automatically.

You Can Track Your Daily, Money-Making Activities:
– Number of new leads & prospects
– Number of phone calls made
– Number of Appointments made
– Number of presentations
– Number of follow ups
– Number of sales

You Can Track Your Skills and Effectiveness – You can see the areas that you are most effective and then improve on them.

Daily Activity Tracker Helps You Discover Your Weaknesses – You can see where you are not effective and you can get help to grow in those areas.

Daily, Weekly, Quarterly, or Annual Success Report™ – You can now track your activity for the entire period so you can see your numbers and improve your business.

Sales Training Academy – We have added a video training library so you can learn how to master the DAT™ system along with developing your skill sets so you can hit your goals.

Contest and Recognition – You can run contest and incentives directly from the Daily Activity Tracker™. You can base your contests on the correct money making activities. You will see amazing results.

Sales Manager & Business Owners Love The Daily Activity Tracker™:

Daily Activity Tracker Will Help Your Sales Team Stay Focused on Money Making Activities – Daily Activity Tracker will prevent the typical sales excuses and keep them focused throughout the day on the activities that produces sales.

You Can Manage Your Team’s Daily Activities From Anywhere – You can see their daily activity from your smartphone in real-time, so you will know who is really working or not working.

You Can Train Your Team More Effectively – You will see exactly where your sales team’s weaknesses are so you can run repair on the exact problem… No more guess work.

You Will Improve Your Team’s Productivity and Increase Your Bottom Line Profits – When your entire team is focused on the money making activities on a daily basis, you and your team will earn more money.

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